5 great ideas for granite and marble fireplaces

When it gets snow-white outside and the temperature drops below zero, everyone dreams of a warm blanket and relax in the privacy of your home by your fireplace. How to create the perfect place that allows us to warm up and can be the perfect complement to any home? Natural stones that can help here are for example granite and marble.

Why the natural stone?

A marble or granite fireplace can be a beautiful decorative element. However, it is worth knowing that natural stone fireplaces are not only an aesthetic addition but also a very practical one. This material is resistant to any mechanical damage. It is very durable, so it will please your eyes for many years.

Granite and marble are also resistant to fire. Such stone is the best way to store heat that can be used to heat a room.

However, it cannot be denied that marble and granite have been considered a symbol of class, style and elegance for centuries. What a fireplace made of these natural stones can look like? You can see it below.

Examples of marble and granite fireplaces


Fireplaces with granite or marble furnishings fit perfectly into a modern style. The combination of white and black completes the design of the entire room, and the fireplace itself attracts attention



A classic black stone fireplace will be the focal point of an elegant and luxurious living room. It adds style and sophistication to any room.



A fireplace built into a marble wall looks original and fits perfectly, regardless of the style. The contrast of colors attracts attention and is an interesting complement to the room.


The style and elegance of marble do not interfere with warm interiors dominated by intense colors. Such a fireplace will not only warm the whole room but also add cosiness to it.

Granite is a bolder choice due to its unique variety of colors, which makes your fireplace one of a kind and you will admire it every time you look at it.

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