5 great ideas for granite and marble fireplaces

When it gets snow-white outside and the temperature drops below zero, everyone dreams of a warm blanket and relax in the privacy of your home by your fireplace. How to create the perfect place that allows us to warm up and can be the perfect complement to any home? Natural stones that can help here are for example granite and marble.

Why the natural stone?

A marble or granite fireplace can be a beautiful decorative element. However, it is worth knowing that natural stone fireplaces are not only an aesthetic addition but also a very practical one. This material is resistant to any mechanical damage. It is very durable, so it will please your eyes for many years.

Granite and marble are also resistant to fire. Such stone is the best way to store heat that can be used to heat a room.

However, it cannot be denied that marble and granite have been considered a symbol of class, style and elegance for centuries. What a fireplace made of these natural stones can look like? You can see it below.

Examples of marble and granite fireplaces


Fireplaces with granite or marble furnishings fit perfectly into a modern style. The combination of white and black completes the design of the entire room, and the fireplace itself attracts attention



A classic black stone fireplace will be the focal point of an elegant and luxurious living room. It adds style and sophistication to any room.



A fireplace built into a marble wall looks original and fits perfectly, regardless of the style. The contrast of colors attracts attention and is an interesting complement to the room.


The style and elegance of marble do not interfere with warm interiors dominated by intense colors. Such a fireplace will not only warm the whole room but also add cosiness to it.

Granite is a bolder choice due to its unique variety of colors, which makes your fireplace one of a kind and you will admire it every time you look at it.

Types of natural stone surface finish

Each natural stone can be finished depending on the needs and taste. The surface of the kitchen countertop is treated differently than the window sill, which is supposed to match the industrial style. There are universal stones that retain their natural beauty with any type of treatment. There are also stones that, depending on the type of surface finish, obtain different qualities.

There are several types of stone surface finish. Here you will find out how they differ.


Polished surface

Polished stone has a high gloss and of all types of treatments, it has the lowest water absorption. This is the reason why it is most often recommended for kitchen tabletops, or as internal floor plates and stairs. The finished stone is easy to clean, it is also resistant to abrasion and scratching. Therefore, it can be safely used even as a cutting board.

Its color is the deepest, compared to other treatments. And when it is well polished, it can even act as a mirror. This type of stone can also be used for baking because it perfectly accumulates heat.

Flamed stone, i.e. burned

The structure of such a stone is rough and therefore helps prevent slipping. Therefore, the burnt stone is great for the surface being walked on – terraces, stairs and other types of flooring. The color of this type of stone is not as expressive as in the case of polished stone, it can be said that it is more muffled.

The rough structure is the main feature here. It prevents the natural stone from being slippery even when it rains or snows. Therefore, it is the best choice when one wants to provide a safe space in front of the house or other building.

Brushed stone, i.e. satin

Why is it called ‘brushed’? Because it is made in the process of grinding with special brushes. Such treatment makes the stone’s surface matte. It is an interesting look in the kitchen, especially when combined with furniture’s polished fronts. However, stones treated in this way tend to be more absorbent than polished stone. It can also be scratched much more easily, so impregnation is recommended.

This type of finish looks great on window sills or countertops when one does not need a very shiny look.

Ground stone

Such stone is achieved by grinding its surface and spraying it with high-pressure water. The finish reflects the light just barely. It is a matt gloss. The stone is devoid of distinct grooves, however, it has anti-slip qualities.

This treatment is most often used for floors in all kinds of interiors.

Each stone finish has its advantages. We should choose a treatment depending on the purpose of the stone and the style of arrangement in a room or house.

granite at home

Granite has been a popular material for centuries and its popularity has been growing more and more recently. No wonder, it is a stone with high resistance to water and moisture. It resists abrasion and mechanical damage, so you can rest assured that it will look great and elegant for a very long time. So where can granite be used and look good? The answer is quite simple. Everywhere!

Granite in the kitchen

When we decide to use a stone in the kitchen, we often choose granite or maybe marble? Both are durable, beautiful and luxurious. So what makes granite more attractive?

You can cut, put warm dishes on granite countertops,  and don’t worry about splashing them with water. This stone is more durable. Even if you spill currant juice or other liquids that could simply damage the countertop, it certainly will not sway granite. This stone has a compact structure, which is a natural barrier against the penetration of dirt on the surface. These types of countertops are so easy to clean. Just wipe them with a damp cloth.

A big advantage of this stone is also the fact that it comes in many variants of colors, so you can choose exactly the color that matches the entire arrangement.

Granite in the bathroom

If you are already bored with traditional tiles, how about using decorative stone such as granite in your bathroom. Due to the fact that it is abrasion-resistant, it retains its gloss for years, maintaining the effect that accompanies the newly laid tiles.

You can also use underfloor heating, without fearing that the tiles will crack. The use of granite for this type of heating is also much more profitable, because granite will retain and give off heat for a long time.

Granite in the bathroom matches a modern style as well as makes it feel close to nature. It looks good combined with a rustic or Scandinavian style. Polished granite slabs will appeal to those who want to have a modern elegance in the bathroom.

Granite for stairs

Stairs can make an elegant and interesting finish to the whole house. Granite stairs have a unique, luxurious look. The colors of all steps can be matched to the arrangement of the entire space and the style that prevails throughout the house.

Granite stone is characterized by incredible durability, therefore granite stairs will be less prone to scratches or other types of scratching than, for example, wooden stairs.

Granite is more and more often chosen as a material for interior stairs not only because of its luxurious appearance. The rough texture of the stone will protect against slipping. Such a feature makes them so safe you will not need to use additional overlays on them.

Granite on the fireplace

A fireplace in the house is not only a source of heat, but it also decorates the whole room. That is why natural stone fireplaces, especially granite ones, will be an elegant and original complementary piece.

Granite in combination with glass and metal creates a unique composition, looks modern and catches the eye. It is also practical – granite is inflammable, so it will be a safe barrier between the fireplace and the room. However, thanks to the specific nature of the material, the granite fireplace is easy to clean and maintain.

Natural stone, which granite is, makes every interior unique. It comes in many color variants, so you can be sure that we will always choose the right color that will perfectly match any style.

Granite is unique not only because of its unique appearance. Its durability also makes it a great choice for all kinds of arrangements. You can be sure that it will stay in perfect condition for years.