We design and manufacture not only traditional stairs, but also winding or openwork stairs. Made of solid stone, they look phenomenal.

If the house has staircase, imagine how elegant it will look when ceramic tiles end to making way for granite staircase rise to add elegance and make it the classy space.


We have extensive experience in the design and installation of kitchen worktops. Our  worktops combine modernity and practicality.

What distinguishes us is the highest quality stone that we use in our projects. That is why they are so special.

If you want a unique look for your kitchen then stones will help you achieve that.


There are a million advantages to stone bathrooms. They are strong, solid, reliable, and they don’t mind getting wet.

Stone can be cut in any dimension and stained in nearly any color. Thousands of satisfied customers find them to be the perfect accessory for their modern bathrooms.

Granite or marble bathrooms add class to the whole house. They look modern and elegant at the same time.




finishing stone - PILLARS, WALLS ETC.

The details at home are very important. Therefore, they should be made with due care.  Columns, window sills or walls made of stone will serve for many years.

These types of finishes look interesting and original. They will complement any modern home.