About kassiamo

Kassiamo design studio is specialised in comprehensive interior design. Our unique approach to design always puts our customers’ needs in the heart of the solution. In our projects, we combine Scandinavian, close to nature and minimalistic style, with the elegance of an Italian vibe creating contemporary spaces.
In our interior finishing, we use high-end quality stones, such as marble, quartzite, travertine and granite.
Each of them is resilient, elegant and sturdy. Natural stone is an extraordinary material that brings to the interior a piece of nature and sparks it with a sophisticated finish.

About our designs


Kitchens with stone made elements are unique and enable any interior’s charm. The materials are waterproof and acid-resistant, therefore they are suitable for countertops, floors and walls. Besides, it elevates the interior. Stone surfaces are practical, easy to keep clean. The stone is perfect for tabletop surfaces that can be an extension of the tabletop. They can combine with wooden, metal or glass finishes.


In bathrooms, we use stone finishes not only because it looks amazing but also because it is durable natural and timeless. The elegance it provides is consistent with the classic style and perfectly emphasises the modern character of the interior. A bathroom is a place high in humidity. Water and steam often build up on the floor and walls. Therefore, the materials used for this room should be protected against moisture – the stone will also perform this function, it is extremely resistant to water.


Natural stone can be used in many places and combined with many other materials. It creates a unique drawing in itself, but it can also be used in many ways. A variety of stones are perfect for a variety of styles of interior design. In modern salons, it will help create a minimalist interior with a cool character. In a loft-style, it will be perfect in combination with concrete and wood. Stone is too a great choice for classic interiors. Noble beauty this raw material will perfectly harmonize with the timeless elegance and warm atmosphere. Stone is the perfect choice for any interior.

How we work

Our priority is to meet our clients’ requirements and deliver the spaces of their dreams. It requires close collaboration from the very beginning and across the project. Our starting point is a questionnaire and an interview to investigate the needs. It allows us to understand personal preferences, with regards to the materials and design styles. Based on the input we start the design process according to the guidelines. It’s an iterative process where we apply the client’s feedback along the way. We are open to suggestions and we guarantee a flexible approach to cooperation. After the project is finalised we are overseeing it in the execution phase ensuring that the final interior matches the clients’ vision and expectations.

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